Concentration on long-term success

     Bay Energy Group, a German group company previously headquartered in Munich and now in Frankfurt, is dedicated to renewable energy in the world's most-heated markets. Bay Energy Group covers the whole chain of renewable energy project development from financing and investing to construction and operation.  BaySolar AG, a subsidiary of Bay Energy Group, is professional in financing, developing, construction and transferring solar PV power plants in major PV markets.  In 2013, BaySolar AG has reached its 500MW milestone of total PV projects developed combined.   

     Bay Energy Group never stops seeking new opportunities in emerging renewable technologies: our R&D Department is currently focusing on the development of high-efficiency solar absorber tubes and parabolic mirror reflectors in the field of solar thermal technology together with a new environmentally-friendly power generating turbine utilizing caisson breakwaters.  

     Stepping further from R&D, BaySolar CSP Co, Ltd., another subsidiary company of Bay Energy Group, has invested in total 12 million Euros in a solar absorber tube production line in Sichuan, China.  With a production capacity of over 50,000 standard 4-meter-long absorber tubes, BaySolar CSP will satisfy material need for internal solar thermal projects and is ready to take external orders as well.